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Director of ‘San Andreas’ to Direct Sci-Fi Action Thriller ‘Black Hole’

Brad Peyton, director of San Andreas and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island will direct upcoming eco-catastrophe sci-fi thriller Black Hole

STXfilms has bought the rights to a sci-fi action thriller called Black Hole, which will be written and directed by Brad Peyton, the director of summer blockbuster action flicks such as San Andreas (starring Dwayne Johnson), Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (also starring Dwayne Johnson), and the upcoming sequels to those, which will both be starring Dwayne Johnson. Though no news has yet been released about casting Black Hole, I’m willing to bet money that Dwayne Johnson will be starring. (Kinda kidding, kinda not.)

Plot Info on Black Hole

In a move that seems like a direct rip-off of the upcoming Gerard Butler sci-fi action thriller Geostorm, Black Hole tells the story of a black hole entering our solar system and causing all sorts of ruckus. The world is devastated by gigantic meteorites, super-volcanoes, and the gravitational disruption caused by the black hole shifts Earth’s axis, triggering a cataclysmic Ice Age that promises to bring life as we know it to a screeching, freezing halt. Luckily for humanity, a team of scientists, soldiers, and astronauts are working together to save the planet from complete and total destruction.

Image of Superstorm Destroying city- Sci-Fi Thriller Geostorm Going Through Reshoots

Sci-fi thriller Geostorm also has also received additional power in the form of veteran producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Geostorm has not been having an easy time. It’s a disaster movie, but it’s also turning into something of a disaster movie for the filmmakers. After the release has already been pushed back multiple times, THR is reporting that the movie has now undergone extensive reshoots with a new director and writer. [Read More]

Production Info for Black Hole

In an interview with Deadline, Adam Fogelson, Chairman of STXfilms said, “We believe Brad Peyton’s vision for

brad peyton, the director of black hole, looking like a crazy person.

Brad Peyton, director of Black Hole.

Black Hole is tremendously exciting and will be the kind of event programming that we are excited to have on our slate. The film is already attracting the interest of A-list stars, and we are very eager to work with Brad and his team on this project.”

Black Hole was co-written by Phillip Gawthorne, a British playwright, and produced by Bill Block, who also produced the excellent sci-fi movies Elysium and District 9, and the Brad Pitt film Fury. As is the current MO of the entertainment industry, STXfilms is anticipating Black Hole to be a franchise-starter that will lead into a “much bigger story.”

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