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BBC Has Found the Lead For Dirk Gently Adaptation

Actor Samuel Barnett in Desperate Romantics - BBC Finds Lead for New Dirk Gently Adaptation

How Will This Dirk Gently Adaptation Compare to the Novels?

BBC’s Dirk Gently has found its protagonist in Jupiter Ascending actor Samuel Barnett (who will also play a role in the upcoming Penny Dreadful season). He will play the zany, holistic detective, created by Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). The show is set to premiere in the fall of 2016, and will consist of 8 episodes, with Robert Cooper (Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe) serving as the showrunner, and Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest, Justified) directing the first two episodes.

Last week it was also announced that the show will be joined by Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood as a new character named Todd. The series is being written and created by screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle). The synopsis is as follows:

Dirk Gently is a comedic thriller that follows the bizarre adventures of eccentric “holistic” detective Dirk Gently and his reluctant assistant Todd, as they wend their way through one big, seemingly insane mystery a season, crossing unlikely paths with a bevy of wild and sometimes dangerous characters, each episode landing them a few random steps closer to uncovering the truth.

Dirk has strange, psychic abilities that enable him to sense invisible tangential connections. He’s taken these strange abilities and has invented a new profession for himself:  that of “holistic detective,” a term that reflects his belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. However, his abilities have condemned him to a life very much alone – this master of universal interconnectedness has spent a life ironically without human connection.

So, what do you think about the show? Are you a fan of the books, and excited for this latest Dirk Gently adaptation? Do you think Barnett and Wood are perfect for the roles of Dirk Gently and Todd? Tell us in the comments what you think, and be sure not to miss the premiere!

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