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Holy Reunion, Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward Return!

Original Batman and Robin Stars Adam West and Burt Ward return for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

The original Batman TV series, running for three seasons from 1966 – 68 is a national treasure. I’m not saying it’s good, per se, but its impact on pop culture alone is possibly unrivaled. What Star Wars is to science fiction, the classic Batman TV series is to pop culture. Well, Bat-Fans, get ready for some amazing news. The original dynamic duo, Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) are reuniting to fight crime in a brand new animated feature from DC, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. Can it get better than that? Hell yes it can! Julie Newmar is returning as Catwoman as well.

Three Great Moments in the Batman Classic TV Series

OK. Before we get to the trailer, let us take a moment to appreciate the amazing thing the classic Batman represents. First up, this is possibly my favorite bit from the series, though choosing a favorite slice of classic Batman from among all the amazing available options is almost an impossible task. The Joker and Batman, in a surf off. Yep. Not only do we see the “Dark Knight” of Gotham face off against the “Clown Prince of Crime” in full costume, on surfboards, this is also where we get to see the true power of Batman’s Utility Belt: he has shark repellent.

Up next, we have a demonstration of why you should never leave the house without the proper footware. “Holy Hotfoot! The Bullet-proof soles of our shoes sure saved our lives!”

And finally, the Bat Dance. This clip is important for two reasons. First, it gives us a rare glimpse into the fabled Batman dancing style, and how the caped crusader flirts. And second, it answers the age-old question: what does the Batman drink?

OK, now that you’re appropriately prepared, here’s the Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders trailer, which is currently an EW exclusive:

Ben Affleck’s solo Bat-movie? Psssh! This is the upcoming Bat-movie I’m looking forward to the most. That being said, I feel like the only way this works is to commit to the spirit of the original TV series. This can’t just be a reuniting of the cast for your basic animated movie. Bring back the jokes, bring back the “Holy ____ Batman!” and bring back the awkward.

OK, actually, I’m pretty interested in Affleck’s Batman. So, what do you think? Are you ready for an amazing return to the classic “Yes, This Actually Happened” Batman TV series?

Featured Image: Warner Bros. / DC Comics

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