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First Look at How Batman Uses The Suicide Squad in “I Am Suicide”

Batman artwork

Check Out the Preview of the First Five Pages of Batman Issue 9: I Am Suicide

Batman Issue 9: I Am Suicide is on its way and we should all be pretty excited since this is where we finally get to see Batman use the Suicide Squad! I myself have been thinking up a “what if” scenario of Batman leading the suicide squad for years.

Batman Issue 9: I Am Suicide Synopsis

Batman has never liked the Squad so whatever causes him to use the team has to be pretty awesome. If you have been keeping up on your Batman, you know that Bane has gotten his hands on the Psycho Pirate, who happens to be the only one who can save Gotham Girl. That normally wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Only Bane is living in the worst prison known to mankind in his own country. Not only is this prison seemingly impossible to break into, but it is illegal as well. This has pushed Batman into using his own Suicide squad.

Now, it’s not clear that he will be going in with the squad or leading them from afar but I would guess he is going in with them. It would not be like Batman to trust the Suicide Squad to do as he says, so I’m sure Batman will have more than a few tricks up his sleeves to keep them in line.

As if that isn’t enough to convince you to wet yourself with anticipation, it was written by Tom King. Tom has worked on comics like The Justice League: Darkseid War, Teen Titans, The Omega Men, and Robin War. The artwork is by Mikel Janin (pencils & inks) and June Chung (colors). Mikel has worked on titles like Justice League: Trinity War and Justice League: Dark, while June worked on several comics from Batman: Gotham Knights. Seriously it’s going to be amazing.

Oh and don’t worry. DC comics has released some juicy preview pages for us.

I Am Suicide Preview

Preview Images: DC Comics

Batman Issue 9: I Am Suicide will be available for purchase October 19th.

Featured Image: Uncanny Knack

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