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Lightly Used Deathstar For Sale, Cheap

Collection Of Authentic Star Wars Original Trilogy Items Going Up For Auction

Most of the movie props and other artifacts from the Star Wars original trilogy are packed away in the Lucasfilm Archives at Skywalker Ranch. And though most fans dream of spending time among these relics, it’s rare that they’re brought out for special events or exhibitions. Well, guess what?  You’re going to have the chance to actually buy some Star Wars original trilogy props and other pieces of memorabilia, thanks to auction site Invaluable and the group Profiles in History.

The props and other memorabilia are part of a larger 3-day auction series, called Hollywood Auction 83, which will take place from June 29th – July 1st. The series will feature more than 400 pieces of Hollywood and movie-related memorabilia, such as the slate used in the production of Titanic, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Grand Prix racing license. OK, OK, who gives a crap about that stuff.  Get to the good stuff!

OK, but before we do, you might want to grab your wallet, take a loving look at the money inside, and be prepared to say “goodbye” to it. Because while these items are awesome, they are not exactly cheap.

Star Wars Original Trilogy Auction Items

Revenge of the Jedi poster - Star Wars Original Trilogy auctionsLuke Bespin outfit - Star Wars Original Trilogy auctionsEver wanted your very own Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi poster?  Wait, that’s not the name!  Well, it was, for a short time, before Lucas made the change from “Revenge” to “Return.” And during that time, they had posters made, many of which have been floating around between collections for years.  Well, you can now put in a bid on a lot of 9 of those posters.  Right now, they’re sitting at a cool $1500, already past the estimated $800 – 1200.

How about Mark Hammil’s cool outfit he wore in Bespin, in Episode V? You could rock that at your next Halloween party, though the severed hand prop is not provided. Yours, for only $10,000.

Star Wars e-11 Stormtrooper blaster - Star Wars Original Trilogy auctions

Or maybe you know some folks who need a good blasting. Well, you’re in luck. One of the E-11 Stormtrooper blasters from Episode IV is up, currently available for the low, low price of $20,000.

Perhaps blowing up planets is more your style. Well, then how about a Deathstar? It was only flown on Sundays and only blew up one planet. It even lights up and is currently at only $8,000.  Wait, the Deathstar costs less than Luke’s used duds? I guess blowing up planets doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Seriously, $8,000 is a steal for a Deathstar.  This sort of thing is probably how the First Order could afford their new Starkiller base.

Death Star Model - Star Wars Original Trilogy auctions

I could go on all day, but take a moment to look around.  There’s some pretty awesome things up for auction, and if I had “more money than I knew what to do with,” I’d definitely pick something up.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm / Disney – Auction Images: Invaluable


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