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UPDATE: Nicole Kidman In Talks to Join Aquaman in a Key Role

Aquaman Artwork - Aquaman movie news

The Aquaman movie is set to emerge from the ocean’s depths and arrive in cinemas on October 5, 2018.

Just a short time after THR reported that Black Manta would appearing in the upcoming Aquaman movie, they’re now saying that Nicole Kidman is in talks to join the cast as well. She will reportedly be playing the role of Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna.

According to the traditional Aquaman lore, Atlanna was Atlantean royalty, who after leaving the underwater kingdom, meets and falls in love with a human lightkeeper, who together produce the half-Atlantean child who becomes the hero Aquaman.

This wouldn’t be Kidman’s first foray into the world of DC comic book movies, as she played Bruce Wayne’s love interest opposite Val Kilmer in the wildly uneven Batman Forever.

Aquaman Movie News – UPDATE 1-31-17: Aquaman May Be Facing Off Against Multiple Villains

Well, when it rains, it pours. Not that Aquaman cares about rain, but in addition to squaring off against Ocean Master in his upcoming movie, THR is reporting that Aquaman will now also be facing off against Black Manta. Actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who recently made a splash in Baz Luhrmann‘s Netflix series The Get Down, is in “early negotiations” to star as Black Manta after director James Wan and the studio met with a series of actors regarding the role.

If the deal goes through, Abdul-Mateen would be joining a talented cast, who in addition to star Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson (as Ocean Master), will also feature Amber Heard (as Mera) and Willem Defoe (as Aquaman’s advisor, Dr. Vulko).

Hopefully, having Aquaman face off against multiple villains doesn’t sink the movie (I’m looking at you, Spider-Man 3), though there’s no word yet on how substantial a role Ocean Master and Black Manta will be playing, so perhaps one of them is being set up for the sequel.

The Aquaman movie is set to start filming this coming April down in Australia.

Aquaman Movie News – UPDATE 12-13-16: Watch Out Aquaman, Ocean Master’s Coming For You!

Aquaman has just picked up a villain, in the form of Ocean Master, his evil half-brother Orm Marius, also known as Ocean Master. Ocean Master will be played by Patrick Wilson, who comic book fans will recognize as Nite Owl from Zach Snyder’s adaptation of The Watchmen.

As I’m not familiar with Aquaman lore, I don’t have firsthand knowledge of Ocean Master, but I understand that much like Loki, he’s interested in ruling in place of his brother, he’s got a temper, and he’s definitely powerful enough to wreak some maritime havoc. Interestingly, he’s also fully human, the product of a relationship between Aquaman’s father and a human woman, which left him without any Atlantean super powers. So instead, he turned to the high-tech route originally, though I believe he has since supplemented it with mystical/magical powers, which he supercharged with some demonic dealings.

Ocean Master may not be the only villain they introduce in the Aquaman movie, but I’m hoping he’s the focus, and they don’t try to stuff in too many baddies. That’s ruined more than one DC and/or Marvel series.

Aquaman Movie News UPDATE 12-2-16: Aquaman Now Has a Confirmed Release Date!

The Aquaman movie now has a release date! Deadline has revealed that the DC superhero’s solo flick will wash up in theaters on October 5, 2018.

Also, Jason Momoa opened up yesterday in an interesting interview bit you can view below on why he feels a connection to the character of Aquaman.

I’ll be very interested to see how this movie continues to develop.

Aquaman Movie News – UPDATE 7-23-16: First footage of Aquaman in Justice League revealed at Comic-Con

Warner Bros. released some teaser footage at Comic-Con for the Justice League, and we now have out first look at the Aquaman in action, and trading barbs with Batman.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017, and Aquaman will follow after, but there’s no word on where yet.

Aquaman Movie News – Original Post 3-22-16: Amber Heard Confirmed as Mera in Upcoming Aquaman Movie

After a long period of speculation, it is now finally confirmed that Amber Heard (Zombieland, The Danish Girl) will be taking the role of Mera, Aquaman’s wife in the upcoming Justice League two-part movie, and solo Aquaman movie. Heard revealed some details surround her character’s costume to Entertainment Tonight: “It’s interesting. It’s like, half suit of armor, half scales,” said Heard. “It’s strange… we’re in the process of building it now, so it’s coming along.

She will fight alongside her Justice League husband Aquaman, played by Game of Throne’s Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa. While the production of Justice League is underway (although her costume is not quite finalized), the Aquaman movie isn’t set to release until 2018. Momoa and Heard will be joining the rest of Justice League, with Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Mera, Aquaman's wife - Amber Heard Cast in Upcoming Aquaman Movie

Image: DC Comics

Mera debuted in Aquaman #11 in 1963 as Aquaman’s wife and the Queen of Atlantis. Her creators, Jack Miller and Nick Cardy envisioned her as a strong superheroine who can breathe underwater, has super strength, and can control and solidify water. Although her story has changed over the years, one details that remains is the fact that Mera and Aquaman started on opposite sides, ruling different feuding factions of Atlanteans. However, through their love, they are able to overcome this and fight for a unified Atlantis.

The Justice League Part One will be directed by Zack Snyder, and written by Chris Terrio, whereas James Wan will be helming and Kurt Johnstad and David Leslie Johnson will be writing Aquaman.

Are you as excited as we are to see how Amber Heard will take on the role of the badass Mera?

Featured Image: courtesy of Uncanny Knack

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