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Alastair Reynolds Re-imagines Space Pirates in Revenger

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Raise the black sails and hoist the anchors! Alastair Reynolds is back with space opera Revenger.

Reynolds tells the story of an unforgiving universe teeming with space scavengers on a perilous journey to find justice, through any means possible.

A former scientist at the European Space Research and Technology Centre, Alastair Reynolds took his experience working hands-on with mission design, spacecraft and space technology and dedicated his brilliance to writing in the science fiction genre. Reynolds, who recently finished his Poseidon’s Children trilogy, is back at it again with darkly vicious sci-fi novel Revenger, due out in February 2017.

Sci-fi novel Revenger Follows Sisters Searching for Riches to Save Their Family

Revenger follows two sisters, Adrana and Arafura Ness, who enlist on a spaceship as moral pirates, searching dying and evacuated planets for long lost technology and riches just waiting to be snapped up. Humanity has survived so many near-apocalypses and regime changes that they begin to live each day as though it’s their last. The Congregation, a collection of the detritus of fallen civilizations, is overflowing with pirates and fortune sailors who rummage through the cosmos looking for riches enough to change their lives.

Unfortunately for the Congregation, not all pirates are content with scavenging. The dread space pirate Bosa Sennen boards unsuspecting spaceships, murders the entire crew, and steals everything that isn’t bolted down.

There are only a few sailors who have seen Bosa Sennen and lived to fear her and her black-sailed ship another day. One of these is Pol Rackamore, captain of the ship the Ness sisters board for their adventure. Hoping to explore the universe, make a small fortune, and return home safely with some exciting stories to tell, the sisters aren’t prepared for the chaos that awaits them in the black void of space.

– but what finds them is infinitely worse.

Disaster strikes when Bosa Sennen boards Captain Rackamore’s ship: During the violent extinction of their fellow crewmates, the sisters are separated, and thus the stories pace, along with the readers pulse, quickens. Determined to seek revenge on the feared Bosa Sennen, Arafura Ness sets out to do whatever it takes to make things right. However, revenge is not always so sweet.

What is the True Cost of Revenge?

The dark, demented, and dangerous path Fura thrusts herself on to find revenge quickly warps her mentally and emotionally as the reader watches, white-knuckled. The many choices Fura makes to reach her goal are often morally questionable, if not outright wrong. Blood-thirsty and sadistically poignant, this is one sci-fi novel you’re definitely going to need a lot of time to recover from.

Coming out in early 2017, readers too impatient to wait for this painfully amazing book should engulf themselves in Reynolds evil genius by devouring the Revelation Space series in the meantime.

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