About Sci-Fi Addicts

Answering the question “What is Science Fiction?” is, not surprisingly, a hotly debated issue.  Thankfully, answering the question “What is a Sci-Fi addict?” is a little bit easier.  A Sci-Fi Addict is someone who loves all things science fictions, from books to movies, games, TV, comic books and graphic novels, and even the astounding advances of real life science and how they influence our lives and culture.

This website was born out of the need to share our passion for science fiction with others, and build a community of science fiction fans and devotees.  After looking around on the Internet, and not finding a site that we felt like was a good home for a Sci-Fi Addict, we decided we’d just have to build that home here. So if you find yourself dreaming about laser pistols and space travel; if you have heated arguments over whether Deckard was actually a replicant or not; if John Williams bold, brassy Star Wars overture is your ring-tone; if you obsess over when we’ll finally create AI that will pass the Turing test, and if that will be our downfall; or if you’re just a fan of science fiction’s capacity for thrilling, imaginative and deeply revealing storytelling; welcome. And if you’ve stumbled onto the site, wondering what this is all about, but intrigued by the shiny objects, then pull up a chair and start clicking around.  We want this to be your home just as much as it’s our home.

Now that you know a little about Sci-Fi Addicts, and who we are, let’s talk a bit more about you.  If you have suggestions for ways we could improve the site or tips on cool new sci-fi related items we may not know about, let us know.  And if you read an article and it sparks a response in you, please share with us, and the rest of the sci-fi addicts, by leaving a comment.  We want to hear what you have to say.  But don’t be surprised if we have something to say back, especially if you try to tell us something like Silver Surfer just isn’t that cool, Back to the Future isn’t one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, or they actually made sequels to the Matrix.