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UPDATE: ABC Getting Started on the Doomsday TV Series, Casts Lead

Nuclear explosion in a city - ABC Orders Pilot for new Doomsday TV Series

No production date has been set yet for the Doomsday TV series.

ABC’s Doomsday Project just landed its first officially announced actor, Jack Davenport of Pirates of the Caribbean fame. According to Deadline, Davenport will be playing Warren, a playwright-turned-screenwriter, and member of the former Doomsday Project think tank, tasked with imagining and preparing for global catastrophes.

UPDATE 1-26-17: ABC Getting Started on the Doomsday TV Series

In the world of TV and movies, deals are being made and crumbling on a daily basis, and not every project that gets set up makes it to the finish line. However, Deadline is reporting that the Doomsday TV series, announced back in August last year, is a go, with ABC officially ordering the series to pilot.

No word yet on any additional creatives that may be involved beyond producer Carol Mendohlson and writers Mark Bianculli and VJ Boyd, or a possible start date for the production. But with the announcement of the pickup, I’d bet we start hearing some more news, including a possible cast, soon.

Original Post 8-29-16: ABC Is Getting Into the Doomsday Business With New Series

According to a recent Deadline report, ABC has just won a three-network bidding war for Doomsday, a new sci-fi drama thriller series. They won the bidding war by giving the proposed Doomsday TV series a pilot production commitment, with a series penalty attached to it. For those (like me), who aren’t quite sure what that means (I had to look it up), it means that they’re committed to making the pilot and if they don’t proceed with a series order after the pilot, then they pay a penalty to the show’s creators. Basically, it’s a tactic that networks use to get creatives to sign with them. Which in this case, are producer Carol Mendelsohn, and writers Mark Bianculli and VJ Boyd.

What is the Doomsday TV Series About?

The series starts in the aftermath of 9/11. The US government, in an attempt to prevent similar attacks in the future, has put together a top secret think tank with the most creative minds in the world of science and entertainment. Their task? Come up with all the man-made disaster scenarios they can, and then develop solutions for them. However, after developing a collection of Doomsday scenarios, the ideas are considered to be extremely dangerous, the list of scenarios is sealed, and the program is shut down.

Fast forward a number of years down the road and the Doomsday list goes missing and a disaster occurs that’s straight from its pages. So in order to stop further disasters, the government reunites the Doomsday team. Because who better to fight these scenarios than the people who developed them?

Any Other Details?

Sadly, no. The premise sounds interesting, and Mendelsohn has lots of experience producing with the various CSI series. The writers are somewhat newer, but Boyd did cut his teeth on writing for Justified, and Bianculli has a few TV movies under his belt, so this could be interesting. We’ll be keeping our eye out for more details.

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