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ABC Cancels Agent Carter, Passes On Marvel’s Most Wanted

Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter in ABC's series - ABC Cancels Agent Carter, Passes On Marvel's Most Wanted

As ABC cancels Agent Carter, It’s a Bad Day To Be a Marvel Fan

Today, we’ve got bad news for Marvel fans, and good news for DC fans. Marvel is currently having its overall TV presence reduced while DC is working to expand its shows.

In the recently released Captain America: Civil War, we hear that Peggy Carter has passed away silently in her sleep, which also turns out to be a turning point for Cap. Sadly, Peggy also won’t be returning for a third season of the show, as ABC cancels Agent Carter. With Agent Carter cancelled, it’s unsure if the season two cliffhanger ending will ever be resolved. As for why, season 2’s poor ratings probably appear to have taken their toll on the production which eventually led to the show’s cancellation. Sadly, this isn’t the end of the bad news. ABC has also decided to not pick up the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff series, “Marvel’s Most Wanted.” This probably makes ABC the new most hated network / studio for Marvel fans, much to the relief of Fox and Sony.

However, if you’re a DC fan, get ready for some good news. CBS will not be picking up Supergirl for a second season. Wait, how is that good news? Well, the CW is. Apparently, CBS is not satisfied with the ratings, which started out great, but started to slide about midway through the first season. They reportedly were interested in keeping the show at a lower budget (the show costs a reported $3 million pers episode), prompting the move over to the CW.  Which isn’t a bad thing, considering Supergirl should feel more at home as she’s joining The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which should bring us some awesome crossovers. One more interesting piece of DC news: Wentworth Miller has signed a new contract that releases him as a regular on Legends of Tomorrow, but gives Captain Cold the chance to appear regularly on both Legends and the Flash, and potentially other superhero TV shows as well. Meaning there’s a possibility it could get chilly for Supergirl in the future.

So, as ABC cancels Agent Carter and passes on Marvel’s Most Wanted, things are looking pretty grim. However, the fans haven’t given up yet and have launched a petition to save Agent Carter, by moving it over to Netflix. Over 60,000 have signed their support for this idea, and we can only hope that Netflix is listening.

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